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How about JSLint for ReSharper 8.1?

first post: johnegbert wrote: Can you update your plugin to support 8.1?

latest post: JeffLeite wrote: Actually 8.2 is already out so +1 for 8.2 :).

Per-Solution Settings

first post: nils_andresen wrote: I'd love to see "per-solution-settings" like ReSharper has them. ...

latest post: bleedo wrote: Thanks for the request. It might well be implemented suddenly. I'v...

How about JSLint for ReSharper 8?

first post: ialsoft wrote: Subj. As far as I can see R#8 has a different add-ons model, so t...

latest post: ialsoft wrote: Oh, thanks! Will test it soon


first post: lennybacon wrote: Great Stuff! Thanks for this plugin! I asked myself where I can ed...

latest post: bleedo wrote: Options now available. :)

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